Inpatient Treatment Center For Adults

Checking into an inpatient treatment center (ITC) for adults can prove to be effective at helping you overcome your substance abuse and addiction. Through such a center, you may get the assistance that you need to understand your addiction and eventually recover from it.

About Inpatient Treatment for Adults

An inpatient treatment center (ITC) for adults focuses on offering addiction recovery and rehabilitation services for people above the age of 18 years. While enrolled in such a center, you would have to live in the facility for the entire duration of your treatment - which could be anything between 30 days and 90 days, or even longer.

During your time in the facility, you will benefit from programs that have been highly specialized to meet your needs and requirements as an adult. Further, the center will offer services that will address your substance abuse and addiction as well as deal with any other co-occurring mental health and medical disorders - particularly those that mostly affect adults.

Benefits of Inpatient Treatment for Adults

Through an inpatient treatment center (ITC) for adults, you will get the opportunity to embrace the power of a highly flexible and personalized approach to achieving health and wellness.

The center will also adapt its program to your age as well as the emotional, mental, and physical conditions that you are struggling with. Further, it will take into account any significant medical issues that you might also have been diagnosed with - such as chronic pain, cardiac problems, and diabetes.

Throughout the treatment schedule, you will work with a team of addiction specialists and professionals. These experts will continuously assess, reassess, and adjust your care and recovery plans. They will also help you gain improved self-awareness, restore your sense of purpose and meaning, and enable you build social support networks. Additionally, they can guide you so that you are able to overcome any difficult emotions that you might have been struggling with, such as anxiety, depression, and grief.

Often, you will find that most inpatient treatment centers (ITC) for adults will craft your daily schedule to adhere to your pace. They will also include activities and programs that take into account any potential co-occurring medical and mental health disorders that you might also be struggling with.

How It Works

While enrolled in an inpatient treatment center (ITC) for adults, you will be able to enjoy the following components of your personalized and individualized recovery plan:

Getting Help

An inpatient treatment center (ITC) for adults might be the right choice if you have a severe substance use disorder or you have also been diagnosed with another co-occurring mental health or medical disorder. It might also prove useful if you would not be able to recover fully from a less intensive form of addiction treatment - such as an outpatient drug rehab program.

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