State Financed Health Insurance Plan Other Than Medicaid

It is possible to benefit from a state financed health insurance plan other than Medicaid. However, this would only be viable if you met some pre-set eligibility requirements - such as proving that you are a resident of that particular state.

About State Financed Health Insurance Plans

A state financed health insurance plan is one that is offered by a particular state to ensure that people in need of health care services are able to receive them without having to worry about the cost of these services.

These plans use money from the state government - which is distributed by that state - to offer support to people who are trying to recover from substance abuse and addiction. You might also qualify for such a plan if you have inadequate insurance (or no insurance) or without a large enough income to afford addiction treatment services.

How It Works

The money used to fund a state financed health insurance plan other than Medicaid would come from different sources. Some of it could be provided through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (or SAMHSA). It could also come from federal grants, from the state's budget, or from Medicaid reimbursements.

One of the challenges with this option is that the type of support you receive as well as the amount that you will be given will vary based on where you live. The eligibility requirements for these insurance plans will also vary greatly. For this reason, it is essential that you research extensively so that you can improve your understanding of what your state can offer.

That said, most state financed health insurance plans can allow you to enjoy other services available in the state. They would also be part of other services that the state offers - such as prison and criminal justice system provisions, from child and social services, and from the other areas of operation for the state government.

This effectively means that there are some situations in which you would only be able to benefit from these plans and grants if you are involved in any of these programs and aspects of state government.

Qualifying for State Financed Health Insurance

As mentioned above, states will often have different offerings and eligibility requirements for a state financed health insurance plan other than Medicaid. To this end, it is important to find the state agency that runs and manages these plans. You should also take some time to find out if you qualify for these plans.

Typically, you might find that you qualify but only if you provide the following documents:

After providing this information, the organization offering the state financed health insurance will check if you are qualified. In case you are qualified, they will create an insurance plan - complete with premiums that you have to pay and the benefits owed to you. You can then use this state financed health insurance plan other than Medicaid to offset the cost of your addiction treatment and rehabilitation services.

State Financed Health Insurance Plan Other Than Medicaid by State

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