Medicaid is one of the public health insurance schemes that you can use to offset the cost of your addiction treatment and rehabilitation services. this program can also provide you with easy access to a drug and alcohol rehab at a low cost or for free, particularly in situations in which you might otherwise not have been able to afford such access.

However, it is important to note that Medicaid is run by state governments in partnership with the federal government. As such, every state will have different eligibility requirements and rules for treatment coverage. These rules will also change every year.

About Medicaid

Medicaid is one of the public insurance programs that has been put in place by the federal government - in partnership with state governments - to aid low income families and ensure that they are able to receive the healthcare services that they need to recovery.

In 2010, the federal government passed the ACA - the Affordable Care Act. Under this Act, also referred to as Obamacare, insurance providers are now required to offer coverage for every aspect of alcohol and drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation. To this end, Medicaid is now required to provide such coverage. However, not every addiction recovery program will accept this public health insurance scheme as a type of payment.

That said, Medicaid can offer you coverage if you meet the basic eligibility requirements listed by the federal government as well as by your state government. To qualify, for instance, you need to be an expectant woman, a disabled adult or child, or from a low income family. In some states, you might still qualify if you are a teen in an independent foster care home or an adult or child who has been receiving hospice care.

The ACA now stipulates that states can expend coverage under this public insurance program to take care of almost everyone with a low income and below the age of 65 years. For children, eligibility for coverage is much broader and includes those who are at least 133 percent below the poverty levels set by the federal government.

Medicaid Eligibility

There are several eligibility requirements that you have to meet before you can qualify for Medicaid coverage.

If you live in certain states, this public insurance can cover you if you are an adult living below a particular income level. For instance, you will be automatically eligible if you have been receiving Supplemental Security Income.

You also need to be earning lower than 133 percent of the FPL - the federal poverty level - for you to be eligible. However, you can still find that you are eligible for this government insurance program while living above this poverty level as long as you are in a particular income bracket.

In case you are eligible and struggling with a substance use disorder - or other co-occurring medical and mental health disorders - you should consider using Medicaid to offset the cost of your addiction or dual diagnosis treatment services.

Medicaid by State

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