Sliding Fee Scale

If you pay for rehab on a sliding fee scale (fee is based on income and other factors), you might end up spending less money than you otherwise you have been required to. Read on to find out more:

About Sliding Fee Scale

While enrolled in a drug rehab program, you might have the option of using a sliding fee scale. This means that the fees that you pay will depend on many different factors, such as your income, the size of your family, the number of people who depend on you, as well as on your present and future ability to offset the cost of treatment. to this end, your fees would be lower if you have a low income or you have a high income and high expenses.

However, it is not always guaranteed that you will be able to use this form of payment. This is because not every addiction treatment and rehabilitation facility will offer you this choice.

To this end, you need to contact the addiction recovery center that you are planning to attend to see if they accept sliding fee scales from their clients. You should also collect documents that could support your case - such as taxation documents and pay stubs.

How It Works

A sliding fee scale structure will be charged based on your financial resources and income. This structure was mostly used in mental health care and dentistry but has since been applied in the addiction recovery and rehabilitation industry.

If you receive this option, you will be charged fees based on your needs for care and recovery services as well as on what you are able to afford. Typically, a drug and alcohol rehab facility will calculate your treatment faces based on your adjusted gross income.

However, some facilities will also determine this fee structure based on other factors - such as the insurance coverage that you have, any financial resources that are available to you, and more.

That said, sliding fee scale addiction treatment options might be ideal if you have limited financial resources or you earn a high income that you spend on your dependents - which could make it difficult for you to afford recovery services to overcome your substance abuse and dependence.

Motivations Behind Sliding Fee Scale Offers

Addiction recovery facilities that offer sliding fee scale options will often do so because of various motivations. These motivations include:

The important thing is that sliding fee scale options exist and they can make it easier for you to afford the cost of addiction treatment and rehabilitation services when you otherwise would not have been able to.

Sliding Fee Scale by State

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