Medicare is one of the public insurance schemes that you can use to pay for the cost of your addiction rehabilitation and treatment services. however, you need to meet the eligibility requirements before you qualify to use this insurance scheme. Read on to find out more:

About Medicare

Medicare was set up by the federal government in response to the growing rates of substance abuse and mental illness in the United States. Funded by the government, this insurance program can ease the burden that comes with affording healthcare services. however, you need to qualify for it before you can use it to pay off your treatment costs.

This means that you need to be above the age of 65 years, have a disability, or be struggling with end-stage renal disease. That said, this insurance program is available in different parts that will provide coverage for varying treatment and healthcare services. they include:

a) Part A

Medicare Part A will take care of the cost of hospice care, stays at skilled nursing facilities, stays at hospitals, and some types of home healthcare services.

b) Part B

Medicare Part B will offset the cost of preventative treatment, medical supplies, outpatient treatment, and visits to the offices of general doctors.

c) Part C

Medicare Part C is provided through private companies that contract with this government insurance program. It covers all the services that are available with Parts An and B. however, it can also take care of medical savings plans, special needs treatment, and copay plans.

d) Part D

Medicare Part D covers prescription medications through insurance companies - such as private insurance healthcare providers. These companies will contract with the government and offer such coverage to reduce your healthcare costs.

Medicare and Addiction Treatment

The Affordable Care Act - the ACA - now requires that insurance programs provide coverage for the treatment of behavioral and mental health care and treatment services. as such, even Medicare is compelled to cover the treatment of substance abuse and addiction.

However, this public insurance scheme will only cover particular aspects of your addiction treatment and rehabilitation process. As such, the process might not be streamlined all the way from medical detox to addiction rehabilitation and aftercare in the same way that it would be with the other types of insurance programs.

Like every health insurance policy offered on the healthcare marketplace, however, Medicare will cover the cost of your alcohol and drug rehabilitation services. this will depend on the level of your addiction, as well as:

If you qualify for Medicare, you might get the following addiction treatment services covered:

In case you meet the eligibility requirements for Medicare, you should consider using it to offset the cost of the healthcare services that you will receive to guide you on the road to recovery from substance abuse and addiction.

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