Research studies show that veterans have higher rates of substance abuse and addiction in comparison to the general civilian population. This is due to the psychological and physically stresses that come with serving in war zones.

Most of these veterans also experience prolonged separation from their loved ones, psychological trauma, combat exposure, and physical injuries. This is why so many of them turn to drugs and alcohol.

Addiction Treatment for Veterans

Drug and alcohol addiction recovery services for veterans are focused on dealing with all the issues that people in this population struggle with. Often, these services are similar to what would be provided at a regular addiction treatment facility. These services include but are not limited to:

Substance Abuse among Veterans

The physical and psychological repercussions that arise from military service tend to be long lasting. For this reason, you might find yourself abusing drugs and drinking alcohol excessively by the time you are discharged from active military duty.

Recent studies conducted among veterans returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq, for instance, reported that:

Recovery Support for Addicted Veterans

If you served in the United States Army and you have been diagnosed with addiction or a co-occurring mental health or medical disorder, you might benefit from spending time in an addiction treatment and rehabilitation program.

You might also find that you are eligible for help from the VA - the Veterans' Association - for benefits in covering the cost of such treatment. if you are planning to seek treatment for these conditions, you should consider starting the process by speaking to your VA healthcare provider, getting in touch with the nearest VA center, or calling the general information hotline maintained by the VA.

That said, addiction treatment for veterans will typically involve:

It is recommended that you seek help from any addiction treatment facility or resource that takes care of the needs of veterans who have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder or an addiction.

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