Outpatient Drug Rehab

An outpatient drug rehab program can be effective at managing your substance abuse and addiction. It would offer you many of the same services that you can find at other higher levels of care - such as inpatient drug rehab and partial hospitalization programs.

Understanding Outpatient Drug Rehab

An outpatient drug rehab is one in which you would receive addiction treatment services on an outpatient basis. This means that you would not be required to live at the recovery facility all the time. Instead, you can check into the center for a few hours several times every week to get help with your substance abuse and addiction.

Who Needs Outpatient Drug Rehab?

You might be able to benefit from outpatient drug rehab if you have been diagnosed with a relatively mild or moderate substance use disorder or addiction. It might also be ideal if your addiction has not been going on for a long enough time for it to require inpatient addiction treatment.

However, there are other instances where you can go for outpatient treatment after having completed a stay at a short or a long term inpatient recovery center. This is because you would still need require additional treatment services but at a lower level than you used to receive from the inpatient facility.

The other instance in which this type of program might be useful would be if you have ongoing obligations and responsibilities at work, school, or home. In such a situation, it would be impossible for you to commit to a more intensive form of care.

How It Works

An outpatient drug rehab will provide you with the same services that you can get from other addiction treatment programs - including both partial hospitalization programs and inpatient or residential drug rehabs.

When you check into the center, you will undergo evaluation and assessment to check the level and extent of your substance abuse and addiction. After that, you will be provided with detoxification services - if you did not already receive them - to manage your withdrawal symptoms and any drug and alcohol cravings that you might be struggling with.

The center will then offer you therapy and counseling services to reduce your risk of a relapse. These services include but are not limited to yoga, massage therapy, individual therapy, group counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, addiction education, medication management, dialectical behavioral therapy, exercise therapy, relapse prevention, and aftercare planning.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the structure in such a program would be considerably different from that offered by inpatient drug rehab. Whereas the latter will offer round the clock care, an outpatient drug rehab will only provide you with care for a predefined amount of time every week - on particular days of the week.

Getting Help

Based on the services that you are going to need while trying to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction, outpatient drug rehab might be ideal for you. These programs last between several weeks and a couple of months - although some of them can go on for longer than a year. However, they can still help you deal with your substance abuse and dependence and achieve long term recovery.

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