12 Step Facilitation Approach

The 12-step facilitation approach is commonly used in the management of substance use disorders. It was created from the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Often, it involves the use of several guidelines designed to help you overcome your addiction - whether it involves drugs or alcohol.

About the 12-Step Facilitation Approach

The 12-step facilitation approach is so popular that it is used in around 74 percent of all addiction treatment and rehabilitation facilities. It was pioneered by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The premise of this approach is that it is possible for people struggling with substance abuse and addiction to help each other achieve full abstinence from addiction - as well as maintain this abstinence in the long term. However, such healing is hard to come by unless the individuals are able to surrender to God, or any other higher power that they believe in.

How It Works

If you are following the 12-step facilitation approach in addiction treatment, you will work with others struggling with similar substance abuse issues to achieve and maintain long term abstinence from the drugs that you were abusing.

You will get the opportunity to achieve this goal by attending meetings with other addicts. During these meetings, everyone will share their experiences with the group. People present with also support each other in their efforts to maintain abstinence.

The 12-step facilitation approach can also help you build various tools and practices that lead to emotional and mental transformation:

Through these tools and experiences, the 12 step approach to addiction treatment can help you change the habits and behaviors that caused you to start and continue abusing drugs and drinking alcohol excessively. Further, it can help you get started on the road to long term recovery.

The 12 Steps

As outlined by the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, there are 12 steps that form the basis of the 12-step facilitation approach to addiction treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery. These steps include:

In this way, the 12-step facilitation approach can help you overcome your substance abuse and addiction in much the same way that it has been able to help so many other people who struggled with similar issues.

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