Payment Assistance

While enrolled in an addiction treatment and rehabilitation center, you can expect to pay anything between $3,000 and $10,000 for outpatient care that takes about 90 days or from $5,000 to $20,000 for inpatient or residential treatment for 30 days. This is why you might require payment assistance (check with facility for details).

About Payment Assistance

The goal of payment assistance is to bridge the gap that exists between what you can afford to pay and the relatively high cost of the addiction treatment and rehabilitation services that you are going to need to get on the road to recovery.

Since individual recovery centers will provide this service, it is important to check with each facility for more details about the payment assistance that they offer. However, some centers will also coordinate or provide this assistance in partnership with other 3rd party foundations.

Who Offers Payment Assistance?

Individual addiction treatment facilities are the primary providers of payment assistance - also known as addiction treatment specialists. These institutions offer these scholarships on a case by case basis for people in need of addiction treatment. they mostly focus on patients who might not have been able to afford such treatment unless they had assistance.

To this end, it might be difficult for you to find these scholarships and payment assistance opportunities. This is because you have to check with each facility for more details and contact them directly.

However, there are some corporations that manage drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities. These corporations might also provide these scholarships. Although many of these facilities are independently owned and small in size, you can also find corporations - both for profit and not for profit - that own and manage multiple facilities across the country and regionally. These corporations sometimes offer funds to cover the cost of addiction treatment for patients who qualify.

You can also get payment assistance from not for profit foundations. 10,000 Beds, for instance, provides many scholarships that you can use to offset the cost of your drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. in 2016, for instance, this foundation offered $1M in scholarships.

The foundation - as well as many others - manages to provide payment assistance by partnering with individual addiction treatment centers. they mostly focus on drug rehabs that have openings and spaces that have not yet been filled. The centers donate some openings to the foundation and 10,000 Beds connects these openings (or beds) to people who are in need of such treatment.

Covered Treatment Services

Both outpatient and inpatient drug rehab facilities provide scholarships or payment assistance. However, inpatient treatment tends to be much more expensive. This means that you might need these scholarships more while enrolled in these programs to ensure that it is more affordable for you.

That said, it is important that you check with each individual facility for more details. This is because the specifics of the types of treatments that are covered tend to vary from one facility to the next.

Even so, you can expect that payment assistance will not cover any treatment services that are considered to be luxury or optional services. examples of these services include acupuncture and massage therapy.

Payment Assistance by State

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