Partial Hospitalization Or Day Treatment

A partial hospitalization/day treatment program can provide you with the recovery services that you need to overcome your substance abuse and addiction. It offers a wide variety of therapies that can be useful in your long term recovery.

What is Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment?

Partial hospitalization/day treatment programs offer structured addiction recovery and rehabilitation services during the day before allowing you to go back home or check into a sober or transitional living facility during the night.

These programs will run for a couple of hours every day you attend treatment - for about 3 to 5 days each week. While enrolled in one, you will be required to participate in highly schedule therapy and counseling sessions during your time at the center.

Most of these programs are recommended if you have already spent time in an inpatient or residential addiction treatment facility but still require more medical evaluation and supervision during the early days of your recovery before you make the transition to a regular outpatient drug rehab program. However, you can also use it as an alternative to a stay at an inpatient recovery center.

Who Requires Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment?

Most partial hospitalization/day treatment programs are effective if you have already attended a more intensive recovery program - such as an inpatient addiction rehabilitation program. However, you can also choose this option if you are unable to fully commit to an inpatient rehab program.

It is also possible to benefit from this type of program if you are struggling with a severe substance use disorder and/or co-occurring mental health and medical disorders that would not be easy to manage at a regular outpatient treatment center.

How It Works

Through partial hospitalization/day treatment, you will be able to enjoy many of the same benefits that you would derive from an inpatient addiction recovery center without having to live at the rehabilitation facility around the clock. Further, they can offer you the skills and resources that you need to be able to overcome your substance abuse and addiction.

While enrolled in this program, you will benefit from highly structured treatment and recovery programming without receiving 24-hour medical supervision, care, and management services.

Further, the program will design your treatment plan using feedback between you and your counselors and therapists. You will start by going through intensive assessment and evaluation to determine the severity of your substance abuse and addiction.

After that, you will receive a treatment plan that could involve the use of medically supervised detoxification to manage any drug and alcohol cravings that you might be struggling with as well as take care of the withdrawal symptoms that arise when you quit using these substances.

The program will also offer you other therapy and counseling services to guide you on the road to recovery. These services might include individual therapy, family counseling, group therapy, motivational interviewing, and couples counseling.

Getting Help

While enrolled in a partial hospitalization/day treatment program, you will receive a wide variety of recovery services to ensure that you are able to overcome your substance abuse and addiction as well as manage any other co-occurring disorders that you might also have been diagnosed with.

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