Inpatient Treatment Center For Adults in Oklahoma

There are many types of different treatment programs for dealing with substance abuse and addiction in Oklahoma. One of these types of programs is the inpatient treatment center (ITC) for adults.

As the name suggests, this program will mostly focus on offering adults above the age of 18 years with the treatment and rehabilitation services that they need to overcome their substance abuse and addiction. Some of them will also offer integrated dual diagnosis treatment services to manage both addiction as well as any other co-occurring medical and mental health disorders.

How Inpatient Treatment Works

When you first check into an inpatient treatment center (ITC) for adults, you will go through an evaluation and assessment. This process will be wired towards determining the severity and extent of your substance abuse as well as uncovering any other co-occurring mental health disorders that you may also have.

After the assessment, the center will offer you medically supervised detoxification services. this process is effective at ensuring that you are able to overcome your physical dependence on the drugs that you were abusing. During this process, you will experience withdrawal symptoms and substance cravings - which will also be professionally managed during detox.

Once you have achieved physical stability, the inpatient treatment center (ITC) for adults that you chose will provide you with therapy and counseling options. These options will be offered with the goal of ensuring that you overcome your behavioral, emotional, and psychological dependence on the intoxicating substances that you were abusing. They might also prove effective at managing any mental health disorders that you might also have displayed during the initial assessment period.

During this period, you will also get the opportunity to work with the addiction treatment professionals to create a reliable and workable aftercare and relapse prevention plan that you can follow once you check out of the inpatient treatment center (ITC) for adults. This plan is essential because most people tend to suffer a relapse during the first few weeks after checking out of this type of treatment setting.

Therapies Provided

Some of the therapy options that will be offered by most inpatient treatment centers (ITC) for adults in Oklahoma may include cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction options like yoga and meditation, motivational enhancement therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. These are commonly referred to as evidence based therapy options.

The center you chose might also offer alternative or complementary therapy options. These options include yoga, meditation, massage therapy, animal assisted therapy, art therapy, music therapy, Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and acupuncture - among many others.

Getting Help

There are several treatment options available to you while struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Although most of them might prove effective, you may be better of spending time in an inpatient treatment center (ITC) for adults. This way, you will be surrounded by other like-minded adults who are struggling with similar or related substance abuse problems and other interlinked issues - such as family and work responsibilities. This could increase your chances of achieving full recovery from these disorders and issues in Oklahoma.

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