Methadone in Wyoming

Methadone is one of the opioid drugs that is effective at the treatment of opioid use disorders, or addiction involving other opioids. however, it comes with a risk of abuse and addiction much in the same way that other opioids do. This is why individualized treatment plans are necessary if you have developed a substance use disorder involving this drug in Wyoming.

Methadone is effective at treating opioid use disorders. Even so, it can still lead to substance abuse and addiction. This is due to the pleasurable effects that it causes. Since this drug is increasingly available in Wyoming, many people abuse it. This makes it one of the greatest drug threats for local residents.

Understanding Methadone

A synthetic opioid, methadone has been approved by the FDA - the Food and Drug Administration - for use in treating opioid abuse, dependence, tolerance, and addiction. It works by altering how the central nervous system and the brain respond to the withdrawal symptoms of opioid addiction.

If you receive a prescription for this drug, you will get it in wafer, liquid, or pill form. The drug is effective at reducing cravings for other strong opioids like opium and heroin. It works be mimicking the effects of natural opioids. in the process, it will trick your brain to believe that you are taking a natural instead of a synthetic opioid. Doctors also prescribe methadone for use in the relief of moderate to severe pain symptoms.

The drug is similar to heroin in the sense that it can also slow down the functioning of your body to low levels - which is why it can be dangerous if you abuse it. It can also alter the chemical structure of your brain. Long term methadone abuse, on the other hand, will eventually lead to tolerance and dependence. You might also feel sleepy or go into a coma if you take too high a dose of this drug.

Some of the effects that arise when you take methadone are similar to what you would feel if you had abused heroin. They include but are not limited to euphoria, feelings of detachment, reduction of any physical and mental pain that you might be feeling, relief from the symptoms of anxiety, and warmth.

Difference Between Methadone and Other Opioids

Methadone is unlike most other opioid drugs like heroin. This is in the sense that it is a long acting opioid. This means that it can stay inside the body for longer than other shorter acting and natural opioids as well as semi-synthetic opioids like hydrocodone and oxycodone.

The half-life of this drug can be anywhere between 24 and 55 hours. This is in comparison to the heroin, which has a half-life of 3 to 8 minutes. Due to this, it is easy to overdose on methadone if you take more of the drug without realize that there are some traces of it still left in your system.

Getting Help

If you have been abusing methadone or suspect that you might be overdosing on it, you need to seek emergency medical assistance. There are also addiction treatment programs in Wyoming that can help you overcome your opioid addiction involving this drug.

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