Buprenorphine Detoxification in North Dakota

Buprenorphine is typically used to treat opioid addiction as well as manage the withdrawal symptoms that arise when you stop abusing these classes of drugs in North Dakota. Examples of opioids include substances like heroin and hydrocodone, among many others.

However, it is possible that you might develop tolerance and dependence if you start abusing this medication. This is why the DEA - the Drug Enforcement Administration - classifies buprenorphine as a schedule III drug under the Controlled Substances Act passed by the federal government. This effectively means that it has some medical uses but also comes with a moderate to severe risk of substance abuse and addiction.

Buprenorphine Abuse

Buprenorphine is produced from an opium extract known as thebaine. This means that it produces effects that are similar to those derived from other opioids. however, these effects are not quite as strong as those that you might experience if you were using other opioids like methadone and heroin. Even so, you could still feel slightly sedated and euphoric when you take this drug.

To this end, buprenorphine comes with a certain risk for substance abuse and addiction. However, this risk might be relatively low if you are already dependent on other more potent opioids such as those listed above.

Taking it in high doses, however, could be described as substance abuse. this could lead to the development of tolerance and dependence - which will soon be replaced by a growing substance use disorder.

Buprenorphine Withdrawal

If you are struggling with a substance use disorder involving this drug, you will require professional buprenorphine detoxification services. this is because you would experience negative withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking the drug or significantly reduce the dose that you are accustomed to taking.

If you are already severely addicted to other opioids and you take buprenorphine in excessively high doses, you may still experience these withdrawal symptoms. However, you only need to abuse this drug for a short period of time to be addicted to it especially if you have been taking other opioids in relatively low doses or you are not yet accustomed to abusing opioids.

Buprenorphine Detoxification

If you have been abusing buprenorphine and you suddenly stop taking it or significantly reduce the dose that you are used to taking, there is a high risk that you will suffer some negative side effects. These effects are known as withdrawal symptoms.

If this happens, it is recommended that you check into a medically supervised buprenorphine detoxification program. By so doing, you will get the medical assistance, supervision, care, and management services that you need to overcome your physical dependence on this drug as well as deal with the withdrawal symptoms that will arise during this detox period.

There are several facilities in North Dakota that offer these medically managed detoxification services. It is recommended that you check into one of these centers so that you can get te medical help you need to ensure that you do not suffer too much from the withdrawal symptoms that you experience when you give up buprenorphine.

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Heartview Foundation
101 East Broadway Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58501
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Drug And Alcohol Treatment Services, Detox, Buprenorphine Used In Treatment, Naltrexone, Vivitrol, Acamprosate, Alcohol Detoxification, Benzodiazepines Detoxification, Buprenorphine Maintenance, Cocaine Detoxification, Buprenorphine Detoxification, Disulfiram, Methamphetamines Detoxification, Medications For Psychiatric Disorders, Opioids Detoxification, Substance Abuse Treatment Services, Prescribes Administer Buprenorphine And Or Naltrexone

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Inpatient Drug Rehab, Outpatient Drug Rehab, Short Term Drug Rehab, Long Term Drug Rehab, Inpatient Detoxification, Outpatient Detoxification, Outpatient Methadone Buprenorphine Or Vivitrol, Outpatient Day Treatment Or Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Regular Outpatient Treatment, Computerized Treatment

Treatment Approaches

Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Anger Management, Brief Intervention Approach, Contingency Management Motivational Incentive, Motivational Interviewing, Relapse Prevention, Substance Abuse Counseling Approach, Trauma Related Counseling, 12 Step Facilitation Approach

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Cash Or Self Payment, Medicaid, State Financed Health Insurance Plan Other Than Medicaid, Private Health Insurance

Community Medical Services Minot
1829 South Broadway Avenue, Minot, ND 58703
Primary Care Services

Drug And Alcohol Treatment Services, Detox, Buprenorphine Used In Treatment, Vivitrol, All Clients In Opioid Treatment Program, Buprenorphine Maintenance For Predetermined Time, Buprenorphine Maintenance, Buprenorphine Detoxification, Mix Of Mental Health And Substance Abuse, Opioids Detoxification

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Short Term Drug Rehab

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Brief Intervention Approach, Motivational Interviewing, Relapse Prevention, Substance Abuse Counseling Approach, Trauma Related Counseling, 12 Step Facilitation Approach

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