Systems Change Work Group to Bring Systems of Care to Scale


At the January 2008 meeting of the CCC, the System Change Work Group was asked to focus its efforts on what it would take to bring systems of care to scale.  The charge to the Work Group was to develop a blueprint for expanding systems of care so that they exist in communities and tribes throughout the country.  The Workgroup held several meetings, convened conference calls, reviewed existing material, gathered information about efforts to bring other human service interventions to scale, and developed a report.  At the CCC meeting in January 2009, the chairs presented the report and the conclusions that the Workgroup had drawn from its efforts and offered recommendations for next steps.

Current Membership

Bob Friedman (Co-hair), Sybil Goldman (Co-chair); Sai-Ling Chan-Sew, Sylvia Fisher, Barbara Friesen, Regenia Hicks, Sharon Hunt, Vivian Jackson, Princess Katana, Gary Macbeth, Brigitte Manteuffel, Marie Morilus-Black, Maria Rodriguez, Lisa Rubenstein, Diane Sondheimer, Conni Wells, and Jim Wotring

Current Work Plan

To develop an action plan to implement the recommendations of the Work Group Report approved by the CCC.


Bringing Systems of Care to Scale:  Report of the System Change Workgroup(PDF)
Bob Friedman and Sybil Goldman (February 23, 2009)
Prepared for the Council on Collaboration and Coordination, Child, Adolescent, and Family Branch, Center for Mental Health Services.