Research Work Group


The Research Work Group is charged with developing a research agenda to enhance the understanding of how to develop and provide effective, efficient, and coordinated services within systems of care.

Member Responsibilities and Expectations

The members of are expected to:

  • Participate on conference calls and share relevant expertise;
  • Serve as a liaison between groups when also a member of another work group; and
  • Represent the member’s partner organization or community.

Current Membership

Brigitte Manteuffel (Chair), Sylvia Fisher (Co-chair), Bruno Anthony, Terry Cross, Toni Dubrino, Bob Friedman, Barbara Friesen, Sharon Hunt, Carolyn Lichtenstein, Jim Wotring

Meeting Schedule

Conference calls are held the second Wednesday every month at 11:00 AM Eastern time.

Current Work Plan

A large proportion of the Research Committee’s work consists of responding to requests about research-related issues in systems of care.  The Research Committee emphasizes collaboration with other CCC committees on topics and areas for current and future research in systems of care.

Primary Objectives and Activities

  1. Track research activities across partners;
  2. Technical assistance collaboration role; monitoring and troubleshooting; continuous quality improvement;
  3. Liaison with other committees about research topics;
  4. Support development and dissemination of digital library; and
  5. Provide expertise about future research needs.

The Research Committee is currently:

  • Examining the nature of technical assistance and the way in which technical assistance impacts what communities do at the system, practice, and child and family levels.
  • Examining factors that may influence the impact of training and technical assistance on community activities in Year 1 and Year 2 of system of care funding, and the dynamic interaction of knowledge developed since the inception of the system of care program, TA and training, and site-level system of care development;
  • Examining the role of leadership in the development of effective systems change in SOC communities; and
  • Providing technical expertise in an ancillary capacity regarding practice-based evidence issues and methods.


Resources will be posted as available.