Family and Youth Work Group


To promote Family-Driven/Youth Guided concepts.

Current Membership

Sandra Spencer.(Co-chair), Pat Baker (Co-chair), Amanda Gregory (youth co-chair elect, Teresa King (co-chair elect, Reyhan Reid, Barbara Friesen, Bethanie Parrish, Toni Dubrino

Meeting Schedule

The committee meets on an as needed basis.  The committee served as the review group during the planning for the Family Driven Policy Academy.

Current Work Plan

  1. Identify and support more ways to disseminate and train the family driven care curriculum-ongoing, training continues with both current and newly funded SOC communities, as well as non system of care agencies and communities.
  2. Organize a policy academy on family driven care-completed in February 2009.
  3. Develop a mechanism to evaluate the effectiveness of family driven practice-not yet completed.
  4. Develop descriptions of roles and function of the parent to parent concept - ongoing, a workgroup has been organized called the Parent Partner Assessment Workgroup (PPAW) that meets regularly on this topic.  An environmental scan has been completed to gather information on the different parent to parent roles, titles and job descriptions.  Works continues as we develop a parent to parent initiative with our first meeting in June at the Portland conference.
  5. Review site visit protocol-ongoing by Pat Baker and Barbara Friesen.
  6. Assess TA needs youth coordinators, ongoing during the recent youth coordinators meeting, youth coordinators worked with Youth MOVE to assess TA needs and to develop strategies to work together. 
  7. Support the development and sustainability of Youth MOVE-ongoing, Youth MOVE has been incorporated and is not officially Youth MOVE National Inc. Youth MOVE National is in the process of developing a logic model and completing a grant application.  Youth MOVE launched the second round of Dare to Dream scholarships.
  8. Add youth to the CCC-ongoing, Reyhan is working on the process to successfully integrate more youth into the CCC.  There is a follow up meeting planned with all committee chairs.


On the Road to Family Driven Care

National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health (September 2008)

Copies may be obtained via mail order by calling or emailing Marion Mealing at [email protected] or 240-403-1901.

The Parent Partner Assessment Workgroup Consensus Meeting(PDF)

National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health (July 19, 2008)

Systems of Care Youth Coordinators Meeting: Final Report(PDF)

Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Family Mental Health (June 2009)

Working Definition of Family-Driven Care(PDF)

National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health (January 2008)