Multi Setting Mental Health Facility in Oklahoma

A multi-setting mental health facility (e.g., residential plus outpatient) is one of the most effective treatment options for addiction and mental illness in Oklahoma. This is because it offers a continuum of care that might not be available if you first went for inpatient treatment from one facility before checking into a different center for your outpatient treatment.

Inpatient Treatment

When you first enroll in a multi-setting mental health facility, you will be provided with inpatient treatment services. this means that you will be living at the center during this time - which could be anywhere between 30 and 90 days, or even longer in some cases.

Your typical day in the residential treatment program will be carefully accounted for and scheduled. You will meet individually and in groups with psychiatrists, counselors, doctors, psychologists, nurses, and other treatment professionals to receive the rehabilitation services that you need.

In most cases, inpatient treatment will start with medically managed detox to help you overcome your physical dependence, withdrawal symptoms, and substance cravings. After that, you will be offered therapy and counseling options to manage your psychological and emotional dependence.

Outpatient Treatment

After you have achieved some semblance of recovery and stability, the multi-setting mental health facility will offer you the option of continuing with your treatment on an outpatient basis.

The outpatient treatment will be a bit less restrictive than the inpatient treatment. this is because you will only have to check into the recovery center a few times every week for a few hours each week - about 10 to 20 hours every week.

During these treatment sessions, you will receive addiction education, group counseling, individual therapy, and relapse prevention. You will also learn how to cope in your day to day life without abusing drugs or drinking alcohol.

The combination of treatment will ensure that the outpatient rehab is part of a longer term treatment program to safeguard your long term sobriety, recovery, and abstinence from the substances that you were abusing before you enrolled in the multi-setting mental health facility.

However, you can expect the outpatient program to last much longer than the inpatient treatment. This is primarily because it will be less intensive - meaning that you will need more time to continue working on your recovery. For instance, the outpatient care might end up lasting for more than 6 months or even over a year in some cases.

Benefits of Multi-Setting Mental Health Facilities

A multi-setting mental health facility might be ideal if you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, struggling with multiple addictions, or living with a co-occurring medical or mental health disorder over and above your substance abuse and addiction.

The time you spend at the facility will prove useful in ensuring that you benefit from both inpatient and outpatient treatments. This means that you will enjoy the advantages of both of these forms of treatment.

If you have been struggling with any of the disorders listed above, you should consider enrolling in a multi-setting mental health facility so that you can get help to overcome these disorders and get started on the road to recovery in Oklahoma.

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