Council on Collaboration and Coordination (CCC)

The Child, Adolescent and Family Branch at the Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) established the Council on Collaboration and Coordination (CCC) to help provide on-going support to CMHS funded community system of care program sites. The CCC works with the Child, Adolescent and Family Branch to promote the Branch’s mission and achieve its vision. The CCC serves as a forum for discussing critical issues related to implementing systems of care and as a vehicle for developing tools to assist communities of all kinds in transforming the mental health system for children and their families.

Vision: All children and their families live, learn, work, and participate fully in communities where they experience joy, health, love, and hope.

Mission: Through investment in and partnerships with community-based systems of care, the Child, Adolescent and Family Branch promotes the potential and well-being of children and youth who have, or are at risk of having, a serious emotional or behavioral disturbance and their families.

Work Groups

Overarching issues such as ensuring quality outcomes and outputs are generally handled by the full CCC. Focused priorities are addressed by the workgroups listed here.

  • Cultural and Linguistic Competence and Eliminating Disparities – Eliminating disparities and enhancing cultural and linguistic competence through sharing information and coordinating initiatives among policy-makers, administrators and service providers
  • Family and Youth – Promoting family-driven and youth guided concepts and strengthening family and youth roles in developing and implementing care within a cultural context
  • Research – Developing a research agenda to enhance the understanding of how to develop and provide effective, efficient and coordinated services within systems of care
  • Systems Change to Bring Systems of Care to Scale – Providing the national leadership to transform the children’s mental health service system
  • Technical Assistance/Quality Improvement (TAQI) – Identifying and supporting technical assistance and quality improvement initiatives related to system of care communities

Member Categories

The Membership Committee assures that the CCC membership represents the diverse views and experiences of all the sites, family members and youth. There are four categories of membership on the CCC.

  • Child, Adolescent, and Family Branch staff – the Branch provides the authority for the CCC to operate, address issues, and makes ultimate decisions about priorities and CCC activities
  • Technical Assistance Providers – organizations funded by the Center for Mental Health Services to provide technical assistance and evaluation support to the grantees, family member and youth organizations
  • System of Care Communities – including staff, family, and youth representatives from newly funded, experienced, and graduated communities from different parts of the country including tribal and urban Indian communities
  • Technical advisors to the Child, Adolescent, and Family Branch

Other organizations or individuals can be invited by the CCC to participate on an ad hoc basis. View the

Member Responsibilities and Expectations

CCC members are expected to participate in all CCC meetings and activities and to join at least one of the current work groups. Participating in CCC meetings includes contributing to discussions and responding to requests for information and feedback on work in progress and issues before the CCC as a whole or within any of the workgroups. Participating in the CCC also means bringing significant achievements and critical concerns from the field to the attention of the CCC especially when they can inform technical assistance to assist communities in addressing their needs.

Meeting Schedule

The CCC meets monthly. Ten meetings are by conference call (approximately 60 minutes per call) and two meetings are face-to-face. Conference calls are held on the third Thursday of the month at 4:00 PM Eastern time. One face-to-face meeting is held in conjunction with a national conference that is attended by staff of the Child, Adolescent and Family Branch of CMHS, system of care communities, technical assistance providers and advisors, and others concerned with promoting high quality systems of care for children and their families. The second face-to-face meeting is a two and half day retreat typically in the Washington, DC area.

View minutes from past CCC calls and meetings.