Technical Assistance

The Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Family Mental Health (TA Partnership) helped communities transform the way services are delivered to children and families by supporting the core values and guiding principles of the system of care philosophy. These values and principles emphasize family-driven and youth-guided services, cultural and linguistic competence, effective and evidence-based interventions, and sustainability within a coordinated community-based service system.

The TA Partnership assisted communities in developing and implementing a broad array of community- and strength-based services to improve outcomes for children with serious emotional disturbance and their families. The TA Partnership and our partners provided the following individualized TA, group TA, and TA that is accessible for all communities. 

Team Learning Centers

Team Learning Centers are graduated, mature, or other communities that have successfully established and sustained a system of care. The Learning Centers are matched with newer communities to provide peer-to-peer technical assistance. Communities pay the Team Learning Centers for their consultation services.  You can contact the Centers directly for more information or you can connect with them through your TA Coordinator.

The Dawn Project

The Choices Team Learning Center offers a broad range of training, coaching, and technical assistance for system of care communities across the country. Please visit the Choices Team Learning Center Web site to see how we successfully manage seven fully sustained system of care sites across three states and learn how we can help you change lives in your community.

Contact the Dawn Project Team Learning Center:
Knute Rotto
Project Director
The Dawn Project
4701 North Keystone Avenue, Suite 150
Indianapolis, IN  46205
Phone: 1-317-205-8202
Fax: 1-317-726-2130

Westchester Community Network

Westchester Community Network: Westchester, a diverse New York State county of just under a million people, has urban, suburban, and rural populations that have required unique strategies to implement a redesigned service system based on system of care principles.  Westchester has based its system of care approachon a community organization design that has been in existence for 20 years, and that encompasses 10 unique communities. Our mature family support organization (with six family resource centers), thriving youth movement, well-developed infrastructure, effective leadership development, wraparound coordination, safety planning, theory of change model, and extensive training/social marketing efforts have helped us to achieve a largely sustainable and ongoing system of care.  We have a history of providing assistance to other grant communities and have been told our experiences are highly relevant to others trying to achieve effective systems of care.  You can visit us in person – or we will come to you.

Contact the Westchester County Team Learning Center:
Michael Orth, MSW
Technical Assistance Coordinator
Westchester Community Network
Westchester County DCMH
112 East Post Road – 2nd Floor
White Plains, New York 10601
Phone: 1-914-995-5225
Fax: 1-914-995-6220

Wraparound Milwaukee

Wraparound Milwaukee is one of the largest systems of care in the country, and is a former CMHS grant site (1994-2000) serving over 1200 families per year. It pools over $40 million in Medicaid, child welfare, and juvenile justice funds and operates as it own unique HMO. It operates from a high fidelity wraparound model and features several strong service components, including a 24-hour mobile crisis service, 80 care coordinators, a provider network of over 70 services and 230 agency providers, a well-established family advocacy organization, and formal contracts with child welfare, Medicaid, and juvenile justice.

Contact the Wraparound Milwaukee Team Learning Center:
Bruce Kamradt

Director of Wraparound Milwaukee
Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division
9201 Watertown Plank Road
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226
Phone: 1-414-257-7639
Fax: 1-414-257-7575