Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Family Mental Health

Latino Learning Community

Mission Statement

The Latino Learning Community (LLC) provides a forum for system of care initiatives to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and share best practices to advance the development of culturally and linguistically competent mental health systems for Latino children, youth, and families.

The LLC supports system of care communities and their partners by providing networking opportunities for those interested in improving the quality of life of Latino children, youth, and their families; collaborating with affiliate organizations (such as the National Latino Behavioral Health Association (NLBHA), The National Alliance of Multi-Ethnic Behavioral Health Associations (NAMBHA), Florida Mental Health Institute, etc.) to increase knowledge around practices that have been demonstrated to work with Latinos, such as practice-based evidence (PBE) and community-defined evidence (CDE); and serve as an information referral source for various issues affecting Latino children, youth, and families in systems of care.

Download the Action Plan (PDF) (last revised August 2007).

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